Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is one of my latest creation in a large glass container. Named 'Noah's Ark', it is saturated with 4 cultivars of Fittonia, a Ficus pumila 'Sonny', a Pilea cadierei, 2 Pilea cultivars and another unknown plant, not visibly seen in the photos because it is still very small.

I must find other plants to try out in the terrarium.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I did these terrariums some time ago but only took the photos now. In fact, i did up a bigger one recently but have not taken its photos. Maybe I should give each creation a name?

Alright, i admit the presentation looks bad. But i was in a rush and so did not find a good place and setting to take more professional looking photos.

Anyway, the first 3 photos show a terrarium planted by me in April as part of a demonstration on the Suntec event on active ageing. However, I changed the Selaginella which planted with this fern because the former rotted. The rest of the plants were the ones I planted then and I pruned the Pilea or Aluminium plant recently for propagation. There was also a miniature squirrel holding an acorn figurine that I put in the container. So perhaps I shall name this "The Ice Age" because it reminds me of the prehistoric creature chasing after the acorn in the movie cartoon.

The second Ikea container with the red Fittonia was planted as a simple gift for someone. It was named "Bleeding Hearts" for the red-veined leaves, resembling small hearts, of the snakeskin plant.

The third was planted with 2 bleached coloured Fittonias. The inspiration was from the harmful effects of the sun, so I am naming it "Sunburnt".

Frankly, I don't consider the latter two as completed products because I have yet to add any other ornaments to decorate it. But they have to see the world anyway.